OP-1   Tracks

New Track - Let It Happen (2)
New Album - Killer Diller by Drinking Bird Experiment (OP-1 content) (3)
New Album - Tie Dyed Grin (5)
recorded a lot of this with the op-1 synths and mic. (3)
OP-1 cook book and new album (11)
"Brok". Recorded with OP-1 sampler and Atomic Firebox (1)
OP-1 + guitar - "Eyo" (2)
Decembeats challenge! (1)
New lofi track - sad boieeee will bΞ ok (1)
New OP-1 based track with sampled trombone jazz radio (1)
My new song - personova (1)
New Track "Aquarium" (3)
"Beautiful love" jazzy hip-hop beat with live keys and guitar playing (2)
Some OP-1 heavy (or exclusive) tracks from new Eucci album (3)
Bass for Victor (2)
SMRLED - 2 new albums all OP1 (2)
5 Tracks Ep with a lot of OP1 (1)
Just purchased my OP-1. Here are my first tracks... (1)
Adam Jay - Corpora (Full Length Electro Album) (9)
Op1 video, mellow vibe (3)
2 tracks I produced for Katherine Aly.. Used op1 on one of them (2)
Guess OP-1 line in the song (1)
OP-1 jazzy hop beat (3)
Probe (my first week of OP-1) (3)
new ambient work with op-1 (9)
Some 5/4 jazz (8)
evolution from hip-hop by OP-1 (7)
Viking, No Clothes Vol.1 by Naked Viking (2)
Op-1 into gadget. Ambient cinematic electronic tune (3)
OP-1 drone set (3)