OP-1   Videos

Cool sounds - Wonky Camera (3)
A Monster Synth - sounding Monsterous (1)
Beasts!!!! (1)
Atmospherics and Rawness (1)
10 minute song challenge on the way home (1)
I sampled an old thai vinyl and made a beat. (10)
OP-1 Performance, Legend of Zelda (3)
Raven and op-1 (3)
Full Length Sufjan Stevens Cover on the OP-1 (all production done within the OP-1) (7)
Slide (3)
Video upload failed (1)
Sampling some African Vinyl (1)
My wife & I take on a Prince cover - live OP-1 style (7)
I finally made an "OP10": a timed challenge in the style of "Against The Clock" / "Rhythm Roulette" (11)
Saturday Morning Jam (2)
Spare time is a hell of a thing (1)
Beat Lofi Hip-Hop Jam (1)
Quick beat..kinda Lofi Hiphop..feedback welcome (7)
"order of operations" educational math rap - produced on op-1 (1)
Made a small Instagram Jam, iter played over the top (3)
360 VR of 'FIVE G' Synth Store in TOKYO (1)
an Aussie boy/girl duo created a dance-hall beat OP-1 cover of Fleetwood Mac (10)
Kill Bill jam (1)
Aussie blisspop duo cover the Cure in a live vid (ft. op-1) (5)
Hans - animated Shortfilm (10)
OP1 based electronica track with female vocals (9)
Oscilloscopes and Electronic Music (2)
Masterclass.com Videos (9)
OP-1 Holiday Mixtape (5)
Icicle Jam (3)