1.2.8 Issues

Hello all,

I just updated to the newest firmware and noticed that my device was doing retrigs like crazy up to 3 or 4 times to my surprise.
I know this is a common issue and I’m not the first or definitely won’t be the last to bring this up. I attempted a factory reset and after ejecting it’s now stuck with the green LEDs and the blinking white kick track. Do I just leave it to charge completely? I notice it says to power cycle the device and I don’t want to potentially brick it. Anyone have any similar issues or experience? Thanks for any help/advice.

Was it doing the retrigs the same before you updated? What happens if you run the update again? If all else fails, you can do a hard reset (remove the battery for a minute or so and then replace). I’d be surprised if the behaviour you’re seeing is related to the update.

Not sure if the OP-Z allows for downgrading, but that’s another thing you can try. Download the 1.2.5 firmware and see if that does anything with the issue.