$150 3-pack of pocket operators with cables and cases


Just bought this :slight_smile:

I bought a couple cases due to being so concerned by the open-air circuit board. What a real bummer, the softness of the material makes pressing the buttons so much less pleasant and sometimes you have to really press down for it to register. Also one of them didn’t come with the lanyard it was supposed to. On the plus side, this is the same price as 3 PO’s by themselves, so it’s still a great deal.

I quite like the cases. The sharp corners of the naked POs made them kind of awkward to use, and I was paranoid about snapping them…although, you have to snap part of them off to use the case. THE IRONY

Anyways, it’s a cool bundle, and I imagine they’ll sell quite a few

Discontinued :frowning:

Discontinued :(

Ahhhh! You must have just missed it :frowning: