2 channel audio interface

Can’t find anything in the manual about the “2 channel audio interface”, what’s up with that? Can I use the OP-Z as a sound card?!

Yes, but it’s really only meant for sampling into the OP-Z via USB.
With the new firmware the OP-Z is now a class compliant soundcard, so it should show up as a 2 channel (i.e. Stereo) soundcard/output device in iOS/Android/Windows/Mac. I don’t believe it shows up as an input device (i.e. you can’t use the OP-Z mic to record into your DAW) but I might be wrong.
That means you can send the output of those devices directly to the OP-Z via USB, and then sample those inside the OP-Z with the Sampler.
This tutorial (posted in the main Sampler thread) explains everything: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTJPbA5S-xA

But it’s not really viable as a straight forward soundcard (nor was it designed to be it seems) as you need to be inside the Sampler on the OP-Z with ‘Pre-Hear’ on in order to hear any sound coming in, meaning you can’t really Jam along to your source.

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it also sends the full Audio. great for routing sounds into various iOS and Mac FX or DAW.


Im super stoked about passing roundtrip to ios!!! Thank you T.E.

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thing is, it doesn’t handle the IN/OUT routing inside the machine. for now I hope

What you mean roundtrip?

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My bad, that was a little ambiguous. I meant audio can go in and out, just one way at a time though lol

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  • Connect the OP-Z and an iPad 6 2018 with a USB-C <> Lightning cable lets you record the OP-Z Audio straight into iOS recording apps. Until now, I was using a Roland Go Mixer to record.

  • Connect the OP-Z and an iPad 6 2018 with a USB-C <> Lightning cable didnt’t work for sampling from iOS synths to the OP-Z. There is no way to choose the OP-Z as the audio output device. Instead, the internal mic is activated for sampling. I think I need to use another cable.

  • Connect the OP-Z with the original USB-C to USB-A cable to my Mac, the iPad 6 2018 to my iConnectAudio interface and open Ableton, In the settings, I can choose the OP-Z as both input AND output audio sources. This way, I successfully recorded the iPad synth coming into ableton and route the signal to the OP-Z.

I’m wondering if I need to take a different cable to get the iPad connect without Ableton, because I read everywhere about a direct connection which doesn’t work for me. Anybody with the same issue here?

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raspberry pi 3 sampling from puredata with OpZ as Soundcard—no problemo

all we need is general monitoring or better INPUT MACHINES like the machinedrum had.


Though the panning is switched 1R 2L > USB-C to USB-C streaming into MacBook Pro 2017 OS 10.13.6 > which I presume is a pretty dumb coding error in the latest firmware.
So you have to open two separate tracks and switch the panning around if you want to record it’s true stereo output from the OP-Z via USB-C.
At least this is what happens when I connect the OP-Z to my MacBook via Ableton.
Anyone noticed if that is happening streaming OP-Z audio in iOS devices?

good to know

There are two good videos just released by Bruno Kramm regarding sampling and the audio interface:

Even if you know how to get the audio interface working there are a number of nice tips in there.

Also, just so others know too, I had some small issues with hooking my op-z up to my laptop, but fiddling around eventually got it to work. I opened Midi Audio, and that might have helped. Or maybe it was something else. In any case it seems to work well once it’s going.

Has anyone had any luck sampling in from a device like the Roland Go:Mixer Pro or iRig? I tried yesterday with a lightning -> USB C adapter but the OP-Z wouldn’t recognize my Go:Mixer Pro as an input source.

I have a Roland Go Mixer but couldn’t get it work neither.

It has to be a host, not just periphery

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Thanks for the reply. Maybe this can be fixed with a firmware update?

Dude!!! What program are you using for PD just the shell? I gotta get more into puredata! I have many pi’s and waiting to get my pi4 w/maxed ram lol. Perfect form factor for the Z imho

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…more than that!! :innocent:
a raspberry pi that Auto detects any given USB midi device and connects the respective INs and OUTs to each other (note,velocity,CCs,sysex etc…) stackable with USB hubs to get even more devices connected and in the mean time there’s running a whole Organelle System with Individual and actual Patches in -real-time on a quad core, which is the exact core of the New Organelle M from critter and guitari!

all patches are controlled by a mother patch which can be easily customized to other midi messages etc. the actual Linux Image I‘ve programmed responds to the OP-1 Midi mode and is an exact copy of the Organelle. It’s also possible to record parameter changes within OP-Z, directly recorded from the OP-1 or the OP-Z dials!

All of your gear gets Juice and Midi Sync/Control from one source over USB!

just sayin‘ :nerd_face:

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Sell me the sd card like yesterday!!! I need…:smiley:

it’s a pi3?