2 on, 2 off? Step components

Wondering if someone can help me with something that may well be staring me in the face! Is it possible to use step components to trigger twice on, twice off, twice on, twice off… etc?

So I have a 16 step lead loop that I want to play twice through as is, then twice through octave shifting some notes up. So I end up with a 4 bar loop - 2 bars at the recorded note, 2 bars an octave up.

If I use the step components to trigger over 4, I can only set ‘1 on / 2,3,4 off’ or ‘4 on / 1,2,3 off’ or any of the other combinations thereof. I can’t work out how to set ‘1,2 off / 3,4 on’.

Like I said, the answer might be staring me in the face and I’m massively overthinking it, but any help much appreciated!

use step up with combination with trigger-step-compnent@2 and you sequence length@2. so effect will be triggered on 3th and 4th

Oooh, that’s one fancy OPZ! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply and for posting the gif, I see what I was doing wrong!

I thought I read somewhere that you couldn’t use step components on patterns that were longer than 16 steps so I just hadn’t even bothered trying adding them to a 2x sequence! Duh.

Just tried it and it works fine. So I must’ve remembered it wrong, and it was that they work on ANY sequence length, but ONLY on quantized notes.

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you welcome. but if you just want to shift octave, its better to use master-track(12). and on track(12) you can have a long sequence targeting octave on track(6).

Yeah, although that would also affect bass and arp if those were yellow too so maybe not right for all situations.

Great to know they can trigger on longer sequences though, gonna dig in and have a play around with that.

You can also use a Jump step component. Set a ‘jump to start’ (black key 1) component on the eight step and a ‘jump to 3/4’ (black key 3) on the sixteenth step and use a component spark to make each of these happen only the first out of two sequencer passes.

This will make your first two bars play twice, then your second two bars play twice. You can of course then add different components on the other steps with sparks that will play on the pass of your choosing.