2 x OP1S?

Anyone hear rocking 2 x OP1S? I’ve always found the idea fascinating. Of course so much can be done with 1. However i really like the idea of running 1 x OP1 through an FX chain of guitar pedals for melodic material, and 1 x OP1 through Analog heat for bass and drums. In a live setup I think it’d be killer.

I currently use octatrack but I’ve been seriously considering selling and doubling up on OP1.

ooooooo this is interesting. I’ve been deciding between an OT MK2 or a second OP1 - do you not gel with the OT?

I still have not heard a definitive word on if the play/stop can be sync’d between two OP1’s with a host in between… Would love if someone can confirm/deny

i don’t know of any way to connect op’s to each other directly and sync play/stop. i just use my fingers and hit buttons at the same time…

@instantjuggler that’s what I mean - lots of people have mentioned this (I do the same with my OP1 and Circuit), but no-one yet has confirmed if multiple OP1’s can be synced via USB-hosting and the start/stop messages work correctly. I’d love to do this and have a psuedo-8 track recorder!

@lescour1: I reckon you should go for it as you’re so keen on the idea:


That’s not a criticism - I admire your enthusiasm and people might like to see the other comments on there too. OP-1 changed my life as well.

I think two is a great number. I’ve got two. I use them in different setups - one all hardware/OP-1 on its own out and about and one more often with a computer/DAW.

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I didn’t find videos of people using 2 op-1s at a time. Do you have some examples ? It would be much appreciated, thanks !!
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this Solution will help to sync as much OP-1s as you like! and Control them all with an 88 Keys in the Park. just saying. :innocent:


you should check out @STEEEZO_946

Ah thanks !!!

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I use two
…cuz why not, right?