2016 RPM challenge

Anyone on here doing the www.rpmchallenge.com ? What’s your performer name? i’m down as steveoath.

I think mine will be written on my commute on a PO20. (With some post processing/fx in Ableton). Well, I’ll see if I can!

I am a veteran of rpms 09, 10, 11 and 15, think I might give it a go again. I am ghostly on the rpm site but tend to post over at alonetone where there’s a great rpm community. I love a concept so think I might do it all on the op1, pairing it up with a different piece of gear for each track.

Good luck! g

Cool challenge.

I subscribed :slight_smile:

Sounds great but I’m doing weeklybeats already, so another challenge on top of that would be ridiculous, hah!

Cool challenge.
I suscribed :)

Nice one!

@pselodux I’m impressed !

weeklybeats is insane !

@ghostly606 / @steveoath : Would you mind to give me as many details as possible on RPM ?
I read the start brief but there seem to be much more than that…

Idea is to create 10 songs (or 35 minutes) of new material in the month of February.

The challenge, really, is to create your work in the 29 days of Feb, rather than reuse old ideas. You can use whatever gear you wish - some users like to use limited gear to focus on learning a new DAW/Synth/whatever. I will be using the PO20 and layering that in ableton.

You can add to your blog as you go, and upload tracks as you go. (I believe hosting is provided).

When you have completed your “masterpiece” you burn a CD and mail it to them making sure the postmark is dated on or before 12 noon on the last day of the month - you may get 1 day in March but I am not sure if I just made that up!!

Hope that helps.

@LyingDalai I think that @steveoath has pretty much nailed it. You can take part in as much as the community type stuff over at the official site as you like, there are forums and the chance to document progress via blogs. Everyone is real friendly. You can also upload tracks and in the past each artist picks one their own tracks that goes into an rpm playlist that goes on rotation. In the past too I have traded CDs with other bands, some of which I still play today. All kinda cool, and it gets you producing in a focused manner. Win win win!

Looks good. I’m in.

Very interesting challenge ! I didn’t know that this kind of competition existed :slight_smile:
What do you advise between
rpmchallenge or weeklybeats ?

@quarantequatre RPM is only in February, while weeklybeats is in the long term...
IMO RPM is a good starter :)

Two sketches of tunes done on the commute. I think I’ve fallen in love with the po20!! So easy to work with.

Thanks for the details @LyingDalai :wink:
I’ve just registered, hope I’m gonna do something about it ! Do you think it’s possible to make one 35min track ? (yeah I know… that’s long, but could be cool !)
I’m Quarantequatre on the website :slight_smile:

I’ve juste found @steveoath and @LyingDalai, but I don’t find @jooga1972 and @Ghoslty606 , where are you guys ?

Do you think it's possible to make one 35min track ?

Definitely! And you’re right, that would be cool. :slight_smile:

@quarantequatre @lyingdalai

Have added you guys as connections.

I am simply “ghostly”. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the details @LyingDalai ;)
I've just registered, hope I'm gonna do something about it ! Do you think it's possible to make one 35min track ? (yeah I know... that's long, but could be cool !)
I'm Quarantequatre on the website :)

I've juste found @steveoath and @LyingDalai, but I don't find @jooga1972 and @Ghoslty606 , where are you guys ?

@quarantequatre you'll find me there as 'aphew goodman' . No tracks yet of course, I'll need a couple of days to get started but I expect I'll be ready with the album just in time. I'll add all of you guys when I get there.

Just signed up!

Sentient Minority

Can’t find ghostly or aphew goodman?

Going to go for the full 35 minute song, still be 5 mins less than The Blue Room by The Orb