2016 updated Op-1 syncing oplab pocket operator

It took me several hours to get it done… But I was finally able to sync my po-14 to my op-1 via the oplab. Mode 5 pocket operator sync didn’t work. The cv light wouldn’t flash. I had sent midi via elektron rytm. No dice. The new pocket operator sync “NY” function of the op-1 beta update didn’t work for me either. Just click click click. Couldn’t find any information anywhere on Oplab’s “added mode: ‘jack sync’ with sync signals (including pocket operators) on the mini jacks”. Thanks for that TE…

Mode zero on the oplab, gate out to po-14, midi out to rytm… Worked.

I think the oplab was marketed as an experimental device because TE didn’t even know how it worked.

I discovered the NY sync lately : can’t it be used directly on a PO?