3 POs 3 Channels... impossible?

I teach a pair of twins.
One plays drums, one plays bass.
For Xmas, I told their mum to buy them POs - the Rhythm and the Sub. I bought myself the KO.

I’ve already synched them by the recommended method, and it was magic. BUT…

I’d to have each PO going to a different channel of my desk, so we can keep them clean and vary effects etc.
Here’s my idea…
I make a MIDI click, split it into three, with the click panned hard left, and send it to each of the POs.
I’ve tried this but it doesn’t work. Any idea why?

I have trawled the forum looking for advice, but haven’t been able to suss it.
Hope you can help!

all u need is a couple TRS left&right splitter cables

that way u just feed the sync click to each PO
(sync is on the TIP or LEFT)

and then all the RING or RIGHTs are AUDIO
and u can do what u want w/ them freely



I think I’ve found a similar idea myself, using the Korg SyncKontrol on iPhone.
Splitter out of the output, going to two POs. I can take this idea and expand on it.