30 day OP-1 Challenge.

Hi Operators,

I just got a OP-1 and I’m really loving the product. In order to really see what this thing can do I’ve decided to challenge myself to use it everyday for 30 days, and everyday I will post a song made using only the Synth.

I’ve just finished playing for the day and uploaded the track to soundcloud.


I’m finding the tape a bit slow/cumbersome to navigate when your song get’s over two minutes, is there a way to jump to the beginning (not to the IN-point) or other ways to jump more than just one bar?

Loving the housey vibes, @nordlundh!

To jump to the beginning, hold stop and press <
To jump to the end of your last audio on the tape, hold stop and press >

Then I’m afraid it’s a lot of shift < and shift > to get about. If you’re composing at a high tempo, and need to jump a few minutes, you can temporarily lower the tempo (to make the tape markers further apart) and then do your shift and >.

you can navigate somewhat more fluidly with ghost jumping.

Day 2 - Playing the drum and synth samplers.


Thanks @yoof I didn’t know about the stop<> jumping saved me some time today :). @masterofstuff124 What’s ghost jumping?

You can accelerate the rewind-forward option when pressing the 4 slot key.

Another thing to jump faster could be using the loop option: WHilst the loop (4 or 8 Bars) is running, push the loop forward or backwards with shift and arrow. Just an idea I had right now.

+play is the same as >+4 incase people weren’t on it.(I like you loop shifting idea @mixrasta -play can help jumping to next loop here too).

The accelerated winding really helped, and I had no idea you could move the loop while playing… @mixrasta

Here’s todays tune.


Nice challenge @nordlundh !
DAY3 reminds me some Lemon jelly tunes, love it !

Really Inspiring ,really nice.

Day 4 - Today I wanted to play with the synth engines, and used FM for the bass, and DR WAVE for the lead. I recorded the lead to albom and then back to the sample synth to get a dragged out version of it.

Any tips on how to clear the albums? is the album cleared and started from the beginning every time you record? I've noticed a 'blipp' at the end of the album (at the end of the .aif-file when I transfer it back to my laptop).
Day 5. today I took on "Battle 33 - outer space and out of time" here on the forum. so no 4/4 and played around with NASA samples and some synths with slow attacks.



Day 6, bass… requires headphones :slight_smile: any tips for stereo action? panning sounds while playing?

Great and very inspiring! Keep it going :slight_smile:

2 minutes to midnight.

may the force be with you all!


I did this the January before last when I first got my OP1. Was a complete keyboard novice but, like everyone else in the world, I could play guitar and a few other minor instruments. Was a great learning experience. Although I didn’t limit myself to any engines. I put them all up on soundcloud. How are you finding it?


@daninski can I still find what you ended up with on sc?

Really enjoying the time I’m spending with the machine. The challenge is about trying to utilize as much of the hardware and software and as much as possible try to push it and myself before mixing in other instruments with the OP-1. I’m starting to see where it fits in a music creation workflow. it’s like a notepad and a brainstorming device. I’ve previously used a friends OP-1 as a midi controller but didn’t feel comfortable with making music on itself (only used it to control ableton back then) mostly because it felt like I was destroying his samples/instruments and didn’t know how to navigate around and when and if I deleted stuff and saved over the stuff he had made.

The challange is still fun, the last three days I’ve had less goals with the production, more than finishing the tracks.

if anyone got a good challenge or something I should try out, please let me know.


I have one : try to create a bodysong :slight_smile:

Meaning sampling your voice or body slapping from the built-in microphone for both drums and synth. And maybe some tape fun…
(this is my next project)

@nordlundh you rule !

Awesome @LyingDalai. will do that!

Here’s todays fiddle, not a song, but just something small to not fail the challenge :slight_smile: (cheater!)


@nordlundh Yep, it’s a playlist on my soundcloud called learning the op1 I missed like 4 days though :’( Learning the OP-1 by daninski | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Obviously it’s shit but you can see/feel the progress and what not. I sometimes miss the naivety I had back in the olden days :stuck_out_tongue: