4 Separate Tape Tracks Rendered Down To One

straight to the point… say if i record music to 4 separate tape tracks and the loop is longer than 12 seconds is there a way to record those tracks back down to one track??

thanks in advance

You can use the album to bounce them down to one track. Record them to album, then use the ear sampler to record them back to a single tape track.

i’ve found its easier to line your tape back up if you just do it in tape instead of using album.

u can keep 1 track free, and then just mix down the other 3 tracks to the free one using ear.
no realignment necessary.

or if u are more adventurous u can overdub 3 tracks onto a 4th track. lift + drop that 4th track before u record in case u eff up!

rinse + repeat ////

Thank you both i didn’t expect such a quick reply both of your ways work for different instances Zzzach for those freestyle moments when your not thinking ahead and you end filling out your four tracks and docshermsticks for the thoughtful op-1 user

peace to both of you

You can actually overdub onto a Tape track with Ear.Everything it hears-Master out ,including the track itself.So a track will overdub itself onto itself and raise 3dBs.You can mute the destination track to overcome this and it still records Ear source (3 other tracks onto destination track).
Oh peeps got there before me.Slightly different approach though,4>1.

thanks great advice

But if you mute the 4th track, ear won’t grab any sound from that track at all. Would it be wiser to lower the level on the track you’re bouncing on to, thereby compensating for the 3db gain, and once it’s doubled, bring the level of the 4th track’s audio to be on par w/ the other 3?

I usually do this by accident ; )