A couple of tracks with strange vocals. One about gear lust and one about arcades

This first track is about an arcade in Tokyo. It features some OP-1, some other bits (Synplant and iPolysix). Plus strange vocals sang by myself.

This track is about lusting for synths. Something we can all related to hear. Again, sung by me in a not too musical way, but features similar instruments as above.

Interested to see what you think :slight_smile:

I really like these tracks. Very original yet they have that deep seeded ‘pop’ element. Almost a mix of Severed Heads and Kraftwerk. Keep up the good work!

That’s high praise, man. Much appreciated :smiley:

Thank you for listening.

I was going for a synth pop approach. I like the idea of using fun technologies (gaming and synths) as a topic. It’s a passion. I imagined this synthpop would be sung by a cute girl. I couldn’t get a cute girl, so I had to pretend I was one lol.

I figured that. Very cool