A doubt about master chord progressions

I don’t understand very well how master section determine the current key.
As example, if i make a simple pattern with a bass line only in C and only a C Major chord i expect that the master show me that i’m playing a I in C Major, but instead it says that i’m playing a V in F Major.
Why is doing this? is there any tips to force the key?

I tried something similar, and it also got the wrong key. Or rather, it picked a different key to fit the notes.

I’d also be quite interested about to the master track works. It can be amazing, but if I knew how it worked, I could use it better.

Hi there!

I think the OP-Z is more or less guesstimating the intended key based on the entered notes. Personally, I really like this feature very much! If you enter enough notes that unequivocally actually establish a key the OP should recognize your key.

So, for instance, let’s say, I want to do something in C-Major. On an empty pattern, the OP-Z seems to default to F-Major, as in your case. If you switch to the master track you will see that the feasible notes in that key are lit, notice the highlighted b-flat.

If I enter C-E-G on the bass track, the OP does not have enough info to let it switch the key, as C-E-G also could be the V chord of F-major. However, when one is working in C major, one would possibly also use the respective V chord, this is G-A-H (G-major triad). Now, entering C-E-G–G-A-H carries enough info for the OP-Z to establish C major, which can be confirmed by having a look at the master track’s lit notes on the keyboard, which should be the notes of C-major.

In short, if you have enough notes added that allow for establishing a key, the OP-Z should recognize it. I have not tested it mechanically, as I rather like to go with the flow and am very pleased. Key switches are also possible by the way, just encountered them accidentally. Big thumbs up from me for that feature going beyond plain transposition! Reminds me a bit of the omnichord, arranger keyboards and things like that.


I have also noticed this, but I discovered when transposing, you can play full chords from the correct key and it will force the OP-Z in the right key as opposed to just playing the root note.