A glitch happened today

I was clearing out all of the patterns on the PO-12 and couldn’t clear pattern 16. I tried a few times and thought, “hmm maybe you can only clear 15”. I tried again and got a click sound on every single position. Switched patterns and it did it on all patterns including 16. I took out a battery and put it back in and the click had stopped and pattern 16 retained the original pattern I wanted to clear. I tried to recreate the clicking sound but haven’t been able to.

I wish I had had the forethought to not pop the battery and record the sound or maybe a video.


Anyone else have this happen to them on any of the PO’s???

he Buddy, just press bpm and keyoo to toggle thru the syncmodes.

mode 0 no clicks.....mode 1 clicks!!

trust me. ;)

So I triggred sync mode by pressing pattern and function?