A question about multiple OP1's...

Can the OP1’s be synced so that play, stop, etc can be syncronised? Can they be synced by midi, or do they have to use a pulse - requiring the OP1 “master” output to be split

I had a crazy (expensive) idea of buying a second OP1 and using them like how George Martin used multiple 4 track tape decks in the good ol’ days. I need someone to talk me out of it, which this would rather quickly…

I’m thinking about getting a #2 as well… so I can go from beat to beat seamlessly when playing out … not to mention that I’d have twice the amount of tape space… the seed is planted!

I midi sync my OP-1 to Ableton on occasion. Play and stop are definitely syncing.

@lefilou I don’t feel bad about planting that seed at all! I’m using OP1 with Circuit - makes it really easy to fill in the gaps between beats. Changing tempos is a bit shitty though - I usually stop the OP, speed up the Circuit while it’s playing, then set the new tempo in OP1, set a new loop brace, and ear-sync it. It’s easy to mess up live…

@mrbernard - good to know, I might end up taking the OP1 on my next tour when I’m doing Ableton stuff!

I just want to know what Steezo’s got going on with all those OP1’s.

I just want to know what Steezo's got going on with all those OP1's.


I just want to know what Steezo's got going on with all those OP1's.

To be honest it only ever looks he’s got one tape running, and uses the others for the master FX - which is pretty wild way at getting multi fx…

Two OP-1s is amazing.
Two if everything ,two screens,etc.
I’ve never actually synced them via midi.
I always sync by hand and use them like two turntables. The blue in tape is great for fine shifting push and pull of grooves. But this is for firing one at the other for ultimate bounces with tape tricks ,rewinds and choice if sequencers.
I have synced upto an 8track and that was precise start up of both tapes .
I haven’t worried about precise seq syncs with external seq.s as the tape is editable,but this may be more important with what you are doing.i may try a test tonight if this is what you want to know.

@Speric_El yeah dude, would be awesome if you could try to sync them both (even via Ableton as a host) with one as a master, one as slave, see if the play/stop buttons sync together!

I currently ear-sync with Circuit, which is great for creative stuff and a bit of time sketchiness, but won’t work for the dual-four-track idea.

Could be a pipe dream anyway…

Yes one OP-1 will start the other .
Not sure about song position as such,because I’ve been pushed for time. It wasn’t giving exact song location,when starting half way through a bar,it was actually confusing me as to how the 2nd one started from,when off bar.But I’m sure that if both are zeroed it will be solid -which is traditional tape sync. I noticed that one can loop while the other plays on so loads of scope there. But starting them late on in the tape wasn’t a thorough test-sorry about that bit.
I’m about to leave my man cave for a week ,and leave one OP-1 there along with the iCM4+ that was host …
Not sure how I am for time and I’ve packed my OP-1.
Is this test thorough enough for you @millbastard ?


i haven’t done this in awhile, but i wanna say the SPP is used when loop is off?
if loop is on, it is ignored and starts from where u set the tape?

hope i’m not making this up. i tested this out last year a bunch but my memory is murky.

also if it was more plug and play (no intermediary device needed), i woulda bought a second op1 years ago.

I’ve jammed with 2 op-1’s before and didn’t even bother syncing them since their internal clocks are basically identical with each other. I mostly work with 1, 2 & 4 bar tape loops so it’s super easy to nudge/reset sync if needed.

Thanks @docshermsticks that great.
+1 @skintechnician on identical processors having identical clocks,especially useful with OP-1 tape nudge.Surprisingly little need for sync when flying stuff in at the tracking stage.Sync maybe on master mixdown?

hey @Spheric_El thanks for chasing that up man! I think I’ll have to find someone with an OP1 and test it out in person to see if it’ll work like a “8 track”

Sound @millbastard .It is an interesting idea ,sparking new avenues of thought. An 8 track -with two different looping sections,either playback or for monitoring during tracking- or linear ofcourse. When you get the two together it is like two turntables.

One thing I want to try is capturing a stereo source - have both op’s recording a channel.

Jammed with one of my buddies over the weekend who has an OP1 and we connected them via 1/8" cable and there was no sync. Had to hit play at same time (easier when just one person does it) and it was fine.