AAAHH! Getting OpLab tomorrow

I’m so excited!
Gonna hook my POs up and get nasty.
What’s your favourite thing about getting the Oplab? Anything I should check out/watch??

Congrats! I love using mine with my eurorack system, 0-Coast, Keylab, and Microbrute.

This video has a nice overview:

Stereo breakout cables as mentioned in the video and manual:

Syndawg’s OP-Z Notebook has a number of helpful pages, too.


Ok good people…
I’ve got my Pocket Operators working with my OP-Z with the OpLab. Sounds phat! Can’t wait to get writing with these things working…

My friend gave me an Akai MPX16 sampler. Is it possible for me to use the OpLab to sequence sounds from this sampler? I haven’t seen a good explanation of how I could go about that.
Would that sacrifice PO sync?
Apologies for being a bit dim, but I’m new to this whole thang. Help very appreciated!

You should be able to use both. Play with the gate out track and punch even steps on the module track to get sync’d up. Trig every 2/4 steps should get the PO clocking when you press play. Midi out switch and plug into akai.

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I’ll get right into that when my family goes to bed. Currently smiling, and pretending not to be thinking about music.

Oh my god.
That simple. Thank you!! That’s done it.
Now to change the course of music, as we know it.