Ability to load samples from the iOS App?

Seems you can load new synth engines and sample packs - but what about your own individual samples from the iOS app? Can anyone confirm or deny?

I’m interested in learning how to do this as well.

Doesn’t work with the app. To the best of my knowledge it doesn’t work with iOS at all since you can’t mount the OP-Z in content mode on iOS devices.

It would definitely be a huge plus, even if it required implementing a different file transfer protocol on the OP-Z. And I don’t think it’s impossible, there are IOS apps that transfer data to some of the Elektrons via USB, for example.

I see… But has anyone done this with a PC though?

This is something that you feel has got to happen and if for some reason it doesn’t it’ll be a huge missed opportunity.

Your phone is now the audio device everyone has with them all the time and whether to capture found sounds or process them it is going to be a part of any truly mobile workflow.

On iOS transfer from AudioShare has got to be possible. If the audio snapshots you can capture on the OP-Z could be transferred to your phone processed and dropped back in as samples it would open up a whole resampling workflow.

I’ve had some mixed success using a Ravpower wifi battery pack to mount the op-z in iOS and load sample packs on the go, but it’s really cumbersome and not very reliable. Opening samples in the op-z app would make the most sense. Maybe some sort of sample pack tool in-app? Totally agree with Skipp’s comments above.

I’m pretty irritated that I bought a $200 (used, good deal, thank god) screen for the OP-Z that doesn’t really provide any expanded functionality. Swapped a couple OEM packs in/around via the app, so it’s certainly capable of some kind of data transfer, but… Nothing.
In the meantime, it mounts EASILY to my Android phone with an OTG cable (Android as host / female plug), and Android’s basic file browser allows for dropping in the proprietary aiff and deleting unwanted ones, so so easily. I use the OP-Utility app to create that file with my previously edited samples.
Mostly, Fuck Apple and their closed system. And boo to TE for not developing an Android app, nor a fully functional iOS app, thereby requiring 2+ devices in addition to the OP-Z, which all seems counter to the ethos of the OP-Z’s supposed portability.

/end rant

@jesiah said:
In the meantime, it mounts EASILY to my Android phone with an OTG cable (Android as host / female plug), and Android’s basic file browser allows for dropping in the proprietary aiff and deleting unwanted ones, so so easily.

Now you’ve got me wondering where I can find a cheap Android phone to throw in my bag with the op-z!

iOS 13 is presently in Beta, and includes the ability to mount USB drives (with the camera connection kit) in the Files app.

My OP-1 connects just fine and I can browse the samples and presets, but for whatever reason, the OP-Z unmounts about as soon as it connects. Maybe this will be fixed in a later iOS (beta) update, or maybe TE will see a fix on their end (maybe disabling charging while in disk mode to reduce current load).

Still, very promising while both are developing.

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That sounds promising. Please let us know if it gets resolved as the beta moves forward.

does the disable charging feature that is currently there not work in disk mode or something?

No, the beta complains that the attached device draws too much power, and then disconnects.

Will do.

I just installed the new public betas on both my 9.7 iPad Pro and my iPhone X, and neither seem to be reading external disks at the moment… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ That’s beta for you

Just to confirm, I tried my iPad Pro (9.7 1st gen with Lightning Cable) on iPadOS (iOS13 Beta) and the USB3 Camera connection kit (the one with the extra Lightning port for charging).

As long as I connected it to the extra power, I was able to use it both in Content and Update Mode on the iPad.

Using the Files app, I could copy items into the folders without any issues.

Two main things to keep in mind, you need to set it to content mode before connecting it and you need to press the “play” button before disconnecting it, so it will actually update the OP-Z.


This is great news, thanks.
I’ve noticed that the op-z seems to draw a lot of power away from the iPad even when the CCK is connected to external power, might be a related issue.
Looking forward to mobile backups and preset swaps!

Is that because it’s charging the OPZ when the CCK and external power is connected?

I think so; it seems to be giving the op-z priority for charging. Maybe if I disable usb charging while it’s plugged in, it will send power to the iPad again.
Edit: just tried that and the power’s still draining on the iPad even though CCK has power and usb charging is disabled on op-z.
Might be the battery in my iPad though, it’s a 1st gen iPad Pro.