Accidentally deleted projects?

Hello all,

I just had a weird glitch, and don’t know how to proceed, or if there is a way around it.
All I did, as far as I know, is that I connected the minijack-MIDI cable to the OPLAB module. The result? All my projects are seemingly gone. Or not gone, cause in disk mode i can see them, but patterns seem empty when i play them and they are silent cause, well, they’re empty. My custom kits are still loaded so it’s not a total factory reset. It would be GREAT to recover the projects/patterns, though, cause I had really good ones in there. I back up once a month but these were made in the last week, so no backup… :((( ANY TIPS?

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I fear they are gone… the project slots in content mode are never empty, even if you did not use them yet.
So this isn’t a clue that they might still be somewhere :frowning:
Happened to several people (not reproducible), but never heard of it in combination with the oplab. It’s probably just bad luck…
Have you upgraded to the newest firmware? In one of the changelogs TE states that this problem should be under control.