adobe lightroom style librarian for audio?

hey friends - my sample ‘collection’ could basically not be any messier… so i was wondering if any of you knew a software which does lightroom style browsing, tagging, quick selections, rating etc… maybe even stuff like normalizing, sample rate conversion… metadata for bpm, key, program info? i can put only so much info in the filename and on a hardware sampler, long filenames are pointless to me… cheers

(this would be under windows)

there isn’t one.

i’ve had the idea for ages but not the skills to make one. it’s two software tools in one: a decent non-destructive wave editor (which by themselves are hard to find), and an easy to use metadata/library/database tool.
Lightroom’s UX is a whole new class - a tool to do very few things and do them well. Even if you look under its hood you find a new way to develop software at Adobe. There isn’t a company to have invested themselves into something similar for audio files just yet. Chances are you won’t see it from an independent developer who doesn’t have something else to offset the cost of development.
There are Audiofinder, Soundminer, Basehead, Netmix - which leave you wanting.

thanks @eesn , I read up on the packages you mentioned and they indeed seem to do a lot of things I wouldn’t need and vise versa

just realizing this is probably the least sexy post on here. sorry everyone. thanks again for your input