Adoring the OP-1

Hi all!

New around here.

A little background... after having a little studio with a couple of synths/samplers/fx/drumboxes/etc... I went modular.
I've come from gathering a nice 66-space big-format modular over the years....
which let me do everything BUT creating a cohesive song or track. But I did some nice soundscapes now and then.
But, with a job and young kids, energy and time are not abundant.

A couple of months ago, I went back to 44 space... I wanted to get a bit more practical stuff in again. Maybe some sampling... I really missed that. (in the big modular format, sampler-like modules are rare)
Also, I realised I was always patching the same kind of patches... it's just pretty clear what I like, when it comes to sequences and sounds.

I've learned a lot with my modular... also what to look for in other synthesizers to do the things I like.
And.... polyphony... I wanted some of that again.
And... tuned stuff. That can be detuned if needed so... not the other way around... (so that whatever I created could never be multitracked...)

So here I was, big budget. think 2500 euro. For me that is really big.

The short story is; I've tried all kind of hefty boxes, Electron stuff, a P12 module with a Kilpatrick Carbon, ... and nothing really worked for me. Everything got send back pretty soon.
I've just developed a finetuned understanding of what I want, what would work, and very much also what WONT work.

I thought about adding a little Eurorack. But then I discovered it's not cheaper (sometimes even more expensive), and build quality is... not always fantastic.
I didn't want to go that road. I like quality.

Anyway... then I started watching OP-1 video's.
And I started to like it... really really like it. Then I heard the build is top notch. Which is important to me.

So here I am, with this OP-1. It's build like a tank, it's a dream instrument. I'm finally out of the studio, and doing cool stuff anywhere... I've always liked sampling-whatever-and-see-what-happens a lot, off-the-road sequencing, weird rythms... LFO'd FX.... polyphony..... it just does all of that. It even has a reverb, which is essential for me. And it sounds good. Not excellent, but, you know, good enough to be happy with.

And then... If playtime is over... you can export the 4 tracks do get somewhat more "professional" with them...

I'm even thinking about selling the rest of the modular. It's collecting dust now, is what it does.
Maybe I'm going to use it to construct drumkits or something.

I can't believe how well the OP-1 does everything. I even like the presets... (!!) Like the CX samples... exactly the msx/yamaha FM synth stuff I grew up with and has led me to electronic music in the first place.
How it's so playful and dead-serious at the same time. How it offers just the right parameters, and nothing more... or less.
I even forgive it for the battery-indicator bugs.

One question remains... how do I upgrade the firmware? To the beta? Which seems to be even beta... ;)

Yep OP’s an amazing little box. I have a kind of sniggering sympathy for people that dismiss it :wink: For anyone with kids/work/rare time at their main setup its a 100% no-brainer. Only problem here with it is that it’s constantly adding material to the ‘ideas to the develop in daw later’ pile… I need to get better/more patient/less panicky with the idea of finishing full tracks inside it and not worrying about whether I’m going to not do an idea justice by not moving it in to daw, or whether it would sound better played on other synths etc. Tho recent Dom1 acquisition is making that idea hard on a lot of stuff :wink: I love the op-1 sound tho, the kind of cassette/lo-fi vibe you can get out of it. I should have bought one years ago…

Re update… Mine came back from repair with the beta installed but I think it’s available on reddit?

My favorite topic.

Ah yes I found the beta on reddit... installed yesterday!

No time to play with it yet though....

Should have had one much earlier too.... :)

I think I’m going to install it very soon as well.

Also I’m about to give the OP some serious attention in the coming 4 months as my house is now a building site due heavy renovations. We packed the house stuff in storage and everything music related except the OP and my numark TT-01.
I’m hoping to develop my live tweaking abilities when playing back my loops.