All Black OP-1? Mixer/Tape Controllers? Are these TE prototypes?


Does someone have any idea of what we're looking at here? Futures items perhaps?

this has been discussed a few times.

pretty sure they’re all prototypes - not for future production.

They are prototypes.

I wouldn’t say that they were NOT for future production though - who knows what the future holds :wink:

they’re all custom made - not prototypes. :slight_smile:

unless you have evidence to support this claim I’ll consider it an alternative fact :wink:

In this presentation:
that photo is shown as evidence of conceptual designs that TE have made without any expectation that they would become actual products.

Ahhhh thanks @PeterHanes I’ve been meaning to watch the rest of that presentation and if it wasn’t for your input I may well of forgotten!

On point with your reply to the OP. Couldn’t have said it better myself.