All sound gone from OP-1 after connecting to effects pedals

Recently I’ve began integrating my OP-1 unit into my wider setup and using it in tandem with other gear. Upon plugging the OP-1 into some effects pedals all sound has been shut off. There is nothing from either the speaker or headphones, but levels do appear inside the OP-1. I’ve read about other users connecting pedals to the system and apparently there should not be an Issue. Is there a way I can repair the machine personally, or will it need to be sent off?

just to be sure. have u checked all your levels on the OP1?
like the blue/green levels in the drive screen
the orange level on the tape screen.
etc etc.

also have u tried doing a factory reset or any of those options first?

plugging into fx pedals is perfectly fine and shouldn’t break anything

Yes all the levels are on full and the green meter on the side is working too. Tried a factory reset and updating the firmware, neither helped. Think I may have wrecked the circuitry somehow.
Thanks for the help.

Did u use a mono ts or a stereo cable trs and what kind of inpiut is on the effect?

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