All synths into samplers. Is it possible?

Heyyyyy. So I’m still on week 1 of having an op-z and I’m loving it more and more. However I’m sure, much like my old op-1, that eventually I’ll grow tired of the synth sounds and their limited editing capabilities and I’ll defer to using it exclusively as a sampler. Is there a way to empty reset the synth tracks so that all the banks can be set to be samplers?

Two easy ways:

  1. Mount the OP-Z as a disk on your computer and delete all the synth sound plugs.

  2. In the OP-Z App, go to the config section and remove the synth plugs from each track.

Ooh that does sound delightfully easy. Can’t wait til
I get home from work so i can do this. Thanks!!!

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Keep in mind you’ll probably lose any synth presets you saved within the sound plugs.

That’s alright. I havent made anything serious yet. Still getting the hang of the step components and tape track etc etc