All the gear I've bought, damn OP1

So, since I’ve gotten involved with this whole OP1 non-sense, I have managed to purchase a Shruthi-1 kit, an Arturia Beat Step, a LeStrum Kit, a Technics keyboard from the 80s, a 12 channel yamaha mixer, a new desk to put all this stuff on, an oscilloscope for my new electronic projects, not to mention the Op-Lab projects, the OP-1 case prototypes I’ve been building, 2 new pairs of Superlux headphones, a Fiio X3 mk II player and now a newly repaired pair of Etymotic ER-4 IEMs. Holy crap. Thanks for the invitation to the world of high end music blah blah blah… I’m a freaking addict now!!!

Just sayin’

And my wife is in love with the stuff I make everynight! I mean the music… oh, nevermind.

That sounds beautifully insane. Similar development on my side, not as extensive as your list, but I feel you :slight_smile:

Yeah I blame the OP-1 for all of this too. I’m not even a piano player…I know some chords and just enough theory to be dangerous…but I like to make beat oriented stuff. I’ve got 6 Pocket operators ( 2 each), a Monotribe, Microgranny 2.1, Monotron Duo, Monotron Delay, Mater Tenebrarum and ordered The Delaydelus from Bleep Labs. I like making noise so it’s all good.

Yeah it is, and its cheaper than heroine!

i read that as six op1’s … now i need six op1’s

OP1 is like a french kiss made in sweden


@masterofstuff124….hahahaha…oppps….but if you do get 6 op-1s take pictures of them all connected!

Same story here. After years of not playing hardware and using a laptop, I got an OP-1. Saw cuckoo vids. Bought an analog four, then started building, shruthi, LXR, a bike , anushri, modular rabbit hole DIY, PO’s and an octatrack! Aaaaaaa…

maybe they will give the op1 some money printing functionality in the next update. lulz