All the way up to 11

After having the pleasure to jam on the speakers at the TE booth yesterday I’m looking to get my next high RMS fix. Since my neighbors would definitely object to me cranking the amp all the way up to 11, I am looking for alternatives to setting up my own PA system at home.

Short of renting a venue for myself just to feel the bass rattling my eye balls in their sockets, are there any other viable options? I’m looking for “loud” and “lonely” type of places and am willing to pay some money for the experience. A proper recording studio probably won’t do the trick I suppose, as it’s more about refinement?

Edit: What’s the going rate for an hour of studio time anyway? (Realizing this depends on the location, but any ball park figures would be appreciated)

Our rehearsal studios were £30 for 3 hours at peak time.