Analog poly or Analog mono + Digital poly?

A more clear explanation of what I said, thanks @module8.

Hi Tom. Have you thought about an Access Virus TI? You can buy them at decent prices second hand. They tick all your boxes - great bass, wonderful pads, great arp options and tons of presets. In my view, they have bags of character and they have the TI aspect which is great too. That would leave you with your choice of analog mono and you’d have all bases covered. Whatever, if I were you, I’d definitely go for the analog mono and digital poly option.

I am absolutely delighted with my Novation KS4 polysynth. Very little menu diving, presets are a doodle to use and it sounds great. And it’s dirt cheap! Regularly go for £200 or less on eBay. I have the Volcas and a Microbrute for sequences and bass respectively (and for when I really must have analogue) and use the KS4 for pads, arps, etc. The modulation routing isn’t as deep as say a TI or Blofeld but you can still get some great textures. Phenomenal bang for the buck.

Love your musical taste btw, A Winged Victory for the Sullen is my all time favorite album. Looking at that selection you could also do with some realistic piano / orchestral sounds too? Something like a Motif or Alesis Fusion

I have an A-Station somewhere. Is that the rack version of this? There was a K-station that was a mini version of the ks4 and then the a-Station, or am I confused?

I believe the A and K Stations have the same sound engine. The KS4 adds multitimbrality, a cool tempo sync and better preset management as well as obviously having a bigger keyboard (with aftertouch).

Hey guys, sorry to thread resurrect, but incase anyone is interested I went for a Sub37 in the end. It took several months to turn up but was worth the wait! Once my bank balance recovers i am probably still planning to pick up a digital poly of some kind, for the moment tho just going to sample my Moog in to the Op1 and go from there.