Any midi key recommendations?


Hey guys
I have a Kenton and everything, but I’ve been using a cheap old casino with midi on there, but the keybed just feels too light and bouncy and cheap

I don’t have a piano rn and I don’t need weighted piano keys or anything, but something less frickin bouncy and light than this casio

Any favorites from you guys? Something 49-61 keys with a decent to nice keybed feel, and obviously , something that doesn’t rely on a computer to work?

edit: my main need is, I’ve been trying to clean up my playing and been trying to do some YouTube piano lessons, but the synth style keys aren’t really working out for this at all


Might as well get a nice synth or sampler, rather than just a controller

The old ensoniqs have good keyboards. Or try a k series kurzweil. One of those will change your life…for the better.

If you’re willing to consider mini keys, the new Yamaha reface DX has a lovely keyboard. And is a great synth, for only $300. A lot, but not all, of the old yamaha synths have very nice keys…the sy series in particular.
So many options.


Ah yeah but I’ve got a bunch of synths and samplers as is…
But I get what ur saying about older ones having nicer key beds…maybe I’ll ask if my friend is trying to sell the ol ensoniq

I wish I could find something 61 keys w hammer action tho


I never see any of those modern electronic pianos with weighed keys sell for cheap prices second hand.

I never appreciated a good keyboard till a friend bought an old Rhodes. Sure I knew Rhodes had a nice sound, but playing the thing was so satisfying.