Any plans to use the push action of the encoders?

Have the latest firmware installed and read years ago that the push feature of the encoders will be implemented but haven’t noticed them doing anything anywhere when pushed.

I really like how you can adjust parameters on the Rytm and Octatrack while pushing the encoder. Maybe a function similar to that could be a start.

Any news on this?
Also do you guys have any other suggestions that the TE team could look for when implementing this?

Man, there was a thread back in the day with hundreds of ideas of what the push encoders could be used for. At the end of the day i don’t think it will ever be implemented. I think they just did it incase they wanted to and the price was probably the same. Also, when using the OP-1 as a midi controller the clicking of encoders does send messages, so these can be mapped to ableton. So there is some functionality there, i have actually used this feature just recently. Quite enjoying the OP-1 as a midi controller.

Nice I hadn’t tried it yet as a midi controller. What do you use it as? transport? key jamming (I love the keys way more than I expected… a ton more than the ones on the MicroKorg/MicroKontrol I had years ago).

Regarding suggestions - well let’s get started again then shall we? Hopefully TE team will finally spend a bit of time (once they are done with the crazy number of PO orders) developing some new stuff for the OP-1.

I have one I thought about earlier when playing with the mixer and the M1.
I like to have the M1 having a FX setting and I really like to use the levels mixer at the same time without overwriting the M1.

I dunno if it’s possible in another way (due to me being new to this machine) but a workaround would be that if the encoders are pushed they will not write setting to the memory slot (or viceversa write settings to the M1 when pushed). This way I can have a spring reverb and play with channel volumes that feed it at the same time. This would be valid for any of the memorize combinations ofc

Niiice suggestion @moduler !

ah Sound s good.

I wish the clicks will Display 4 save Slots for all sequencers and General Settings. just click blue and you will get Scenario 1, green Scene 2 etc.

that would be dope.

......and maybe shift plus Encoder´-CLICK will do the PO pattern chaining. 2xblue1xwhite1xorange----bam!-Hit!

that would mean you can have 4x16 steps with a pattern sequencer.