Any turntable afficiando?

I’ve got a line on this turntable for $75. seams like its in great condition. Not tons of info on the web about it. Its an Elac Miracord 45. Anybody have an opinion on this specific model? Much sampling ahead!

Thx ahead of time.

i have seen and heard many turntables play records. i will never regret purchasing my 1st pair of 1200s. (or my 2nd pair of 1200s), which paid for themselves and my vinyl habit for (enough not to elaborate) years thru DJing small clubs and bars. (although i probably actually spent more on vinyl, than i made all tolled).

my usage of them for DJing has dropped dramatically over the past few years. i can’t say i don’t love those decks, and all the experiences that came from hours upon hours of playing every style of music under the sun for crowds bobbing heads, dancing all night long, or simply chilling with a nice beverage.

i also have a special affinity towards my Numark PT-USB, but mostly because it is portable, inexpensive, battery powered, and has not only assisted in crate digging efforts, but also planted the seed for music discovery and exploration with my 3-year old daughter. she loves playing records!

so now my vinyl grows dustier, except when called upon to drag out a sample for a battle on this forum, or i reminisce over an old LP, or 45 that i can play for her. maybe i’ll have more time one day. ha!

all in all, i think having a record player is must. the sense of adventure that comes from unsheathing that old gem picked up for a buck that you can treasure and listen to, or even grabbing that latest copy of your favorite band’s 45 that they did a special pressing for, is unparalleled.

the digging, the music discovery and the pleasure of the spinning disc has become part of who i am.

vinyl has a magic to it that no other music format has, whether it be the experience of an LP meant to be be listened to in particular order, or a special version (a cappella, instrumental, b-side) that only ever came out on wax. i’ve been addicted for way too long, and have only scratched the surface. (pun intended).

i have no idea about the model you mention, but congrats @nortone81 - and hopefully you can find playing records endlessly invigorating!

(my first pair got trashed from inexperience and youth, btw…but i donated them to a friend in need who had them repaired and they live on).

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Hear hear @kln

<3 my tech 1200 mk1.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with the one you are looking at. There also isn’t anything great about it. It’s not going to impress a turntable aficionado. You would need to pull out a vestax controller one or qfo to do that.

I would recommend getting a used technics 1200 and a shure or ortofon needle. If you want to get into the wonderful world of scratch dj’s I would point you to the numark pt-01 scratch and all the mods available for the portablist dj.