Any way to clean under the screen?

I got a couple tiny cat hairs slipped under my screen somehow haha
anyone else ever do anything about this?

I am way too afraid I’d add more dust trying to remove one bit of it ^^

Haha yeah. I was wondering if a cell phone repair or something could handle it… I’m not dissatisfied enough yet to want to fix it but if I keep getting hairs in there I prob will haha

I have removed debris from under screens of other gear in the past by careful using a vacuum cleaner, just cover the hose with something to prevent scratching the machine, and put the hose as near to the opening by the screen, no need to take it apart.

I got weird tiny insect bugs in my OT walking round the screen. At least I did. Haven’t checked in a while…

I had to replace my speaker in the OP-1. TE send me some blurry pics explaing how to open the device. :oD Doing this I also cleaned the dust off the screen. If your device is on post-warranty and you think you’re able to fiddle off the keybed than it’s not a big deal. Just be careful with plugging off the 12 or whatever keys to reach the screws. I think you lift the keys from the side (y) and the knobs from below (x) or the other way around. Actually no big deal!

follow ifixit keybed replace instructions, you need to remove. i wouldn’t put a vac anywhere near op1 you’ll likely suck more dirt deep into it.

I’m no engineer but heard that vac hoses create static electricity when on due to the airflow?