Anybody get along ok with Samplr on their iPad mini? Only choice is 16g Air or 32g Mini

Hi gang :-/

Long story short: I haven’t been around all summer cuz i been taking preemptive measures to prepare for unemployment/career change. As of today i’m officially laid off and unemployed. It has been a humbling experience, being away from music for so long, and experiencing what really matters in life, not that creativity doesn’t matter but i hope you get my point. Let’s just say things got put into perspective.

So LUCKILY and THANKFULLY, i have saved and accrued enough reward points from my job over the past three years for a free iPad. I barely have enough points to choose from only a few models. I should mention i already have an iPad 2 that i got 3 years ago in the same fashion.

My choice is iPad Air 16g with retina or iPad Mini 32g with retina. Screen real estate vs storage. My main ios synths i use w/controllers which get sampled into op1 so size don’t matter. But i also love sampling the op1 into samplr, and if you know samplr, that requires extensive hands-on operation. But the samples in samplr take up space as well. I only have 5g left on my ipad 2, and i run stuff lean and uncluttered which comes naturally from being an operator 1 :slight_smile: But Sample Tank samples and Samplr samples and just a few synths is all i have and still i only got about 5g of headroom…which is enough…but i haven’t even messed with the newest audio buss update that came out last spring, which may tempt me to add some stuff into my work flow. Or have yet to master projects in Auria. I’m thinking 16g won’t cut it even if i use dropbox to store projects elsewhere.

Any input is welcome and appreciated thanks :slight_smile:

i dont miss the size of a big ipad on my mini retina, and had an ipad 2 once before. i do not have Samplr, though it is on my wishlist.

any chance of waiting a month? new ipads are right around the corner.

My very good friend works at apple. he hooks it up on all my apple products. I was about to pull the trigger on a new ipad mini. He told me to wait for the new ipads. FYi.

i also have an ipad 2. my ipad 2 is plenty for all my synth apps but my guitar emulation apps and looping require the extra horsepower.

samplr is dope.

Ah, but that is another problem guys: i only have one month to use my points before they expire, and besides, it i’m sure it would take another a additional month for any new products to show up in our catalog. Also, being that 2,000 people just lost their jobs, i need to act real quick if you know what i mean.

hard to say i like the minis form factor but i love the extra screen rea lestate and larger batt/ memory is irrelevant i keep all my samples on dropbox or w/e

What you mean by “w/e” ?

I too use dropbox to swap projects. It’s a great work-around without too much of an inconvenience and it forces me to stay tidy and organized, much like working with the op1 and usb.

I have a mini retina and samplr. Works just fine.

Samplr has quite large buttons etc that scale wonderfully to the mini, added bonus is the reach you get, con is that it can get crowded with all those fingers (even then it will be fine).

I also have a 16 GB iPad Mini Retina and have SamplR (and dozens of other amazing music apps …) installed. SamplR is easy to handle on the mini display which is not so mini after all. :slight_smile: This iPad was easily one of my best music-making related investments I’ve ever made.

w/e= the storage space at 16gb is more than adequate given the wide variety of export and storage means available for the ipad music making scene (dropbox;audioshare; soundcloud; cck; the list is quite long.)

I appreciate all of your opinions, thanks everyone. I thought i was gonna go with the Air for bigger screen but didn’t realize until the last minute that should i ever feel compelled to use the OP1 and both my mini and ipad 2 simultaneously, desk space would be more problematic than screen space :slight_smile:

More than likely i will use the bigger and slower iPad2 as a dedicated sampler running just Samplr sampling the OP1 and the mini’s CPU for more complex routing/sound design/signal processing sound source for the OP1 to sample.

samplr runs great on my ipad 2!

FWIW, i really dig the mini size, perfect for portability. my friend brought his regular ipad over and i was surprised at how big it was!

w/e= the storage space at 16gb is more than adequate given the wide variety of export and storage means available for the ipad music making scene (dropbox;audioshare; soundcloud; cck; the list is quite long.)<

I have a cck; you mean i can use a usb flash drive? Ios would see it? Or would i need to use audioshare to see it?

Also does this website support @masterofstuff124 like the old one?

I picked up a Mini Retina a couple of months ago, and I've never looked back. The difference between my mini and old iPad is totally all about the portability. I always found the iPad to be a bit... obvious? A little too big to tote into a diner and set up for music over a nice long lunch break. I find the mini to be a bit more clandestine. It's got the feel of a paperback in my hand when I go from A to B. I feel like I've got a better all-around grip on it when I get up to leave. Surer. The screen size doesn't feel like a compromise to me. It's big enough, as a sketch pad.

To each his own. I find that I'm constantly at it, musically, with the Mini. More so than I was w/ my full sized pad.

It helps that it has about 5x more muscle than my old "Number Two" had. LOL.

As far as Samplr is concerned, it's probably my #1 app (discounting Audiobus & Cubasis). I find it works beautifully on the mini. No compromise there, and I have BIG hands.

I love samplr on my retina mini.
It also works pretty decently on my ipad 1, which I bought the first day they ever released iPads. It seems to be a pretty flexible app, actually