Anyone else had issues with panning not working after latest update?

I just updated to the latest firmware a couple days ago, then today noticed panning didn’t seem to be working right. Panning to the left or right seems to decrease the volume or degrade the signal in some way, but definitely still goes to both channels, and once panned fully to the left or right, the signal goes back to being full strength and dead center. There’s even a pop or click that I hear at the moment the panning gets to full left or full right (and then the signal jumps back to being full strength and dead center).

I first noticed it while I was trying out my new studio monitors today, thought it might be something wrong with the cable, switched to headphones and the issue persisted, then even tried listening with the new TE headphones and still had the issue. The glitchy sounding noise when it first reaches either full left or full right makes me think it’s a software issue, but I haven’t seen any other mentions of it yet

Sometimes an update might act weird if you do t factory reset (after backing up your work). Could it also have anything to do with the panned signal being sent to the delay or reverb which will output in both channels?

Yeah I wanted to see if anyone else had experienced something similar before I did the factory reset.

Good thought on the delay/reverb! Unfortunately it still has the issue with effects muted and/or zeroed out but I hadn’t thought to try that yet.

I’ll try the factory reset and see what happens.

Factory reset didn’t resolve it either.

Also just tried reverting the firmware from 1.2.17 back to 1.2.12, and that also didn’t work.

So now I’m out of ideas.
Hopefully TE support will be supportive.

It seems to have fixed itself? The only thing I can think of that I did was to add my samples back after the factory reset, and maybe when it updated the content, it forced whatever needed to reset to reset? Idk, but whew.

I am experiencing a weird panning issue when using the OP-Z as an audio interface with my computer and LOGIC, the panning is the other way around. Left goes right and vice versa. It doesn’t happen when I have headphones attached to the line output on the OP-Z itself.