Anyone excited for reface?

Seems like they’ll probably be Volca type boxes inspired by CS, DX series etc.

Or they could be like the Rhythm Wolf. :slight_smile:

nothing useful been announced yet, as far as I know.

I’m anxious to see what it is. Because we know it’ll have smaller keys, I’m also hopeful it’ll be something similarly compact as the Volcas.

i just found out about this yesterday. i am interested. it sounds like it could be what i suggested, back when yamaha had that open call for ideas. which was a modern QY70 like device w/ all the cool yamaha sounds and synth engines built in, so basically an OP1 styled portable synth, yamaha style. would be funny if that ended up being it


Oh cool I didn’t know Yamaha had a open call for ideas, pretty smart of them
yeah nothing announced just the teaser vids to get people talking

Yamaha “OP-1” = Gold. I think it might be a performance keyboard/synth in the NORD variety w/ “hands on control” approach utilizing “classic Yamaha tone” whether it’s analog or digital or both.

A battery powered “Volca” competitor is also welcome.



Hmm indeed! Hardly an OP-1 killer then!

It could be a volca killer, but not an op-1 killer.
I’m still curious to see what it gonna be :slight_smile:

not surprised they “yamaha’ed” it up on these. boo

they look more in the microkorg / mini nova range, than volca. not even close to op1


excited for reface!!!

The DX looks pretty cool!

Where’s my knobby fm synth?

Images for the entire Reface line has been leaked!:

See the first comment for specs.
Where's my knobby fm synth?

Word was hoping for more controls. Been putting off buying this FM4 for iPad looks great with lots of knobs and faders (although virtual)
I own DXi for iPad and it’s also great with lots of easy controls.

I really like fm4 on ios. the reface leak looks good. moar portable synths! with built in loopers. i approve!

We don't know much yet. But this guy gives some info about the conception...


@LyingDalai This made my day :smiley:



This. Just not feeling it. Maybe the DX. Maybe. Probably not.