Anyone have tips for getting TE support to respond?

I filed a support ticket 5 days ago regarding the problem I posted about in this thread. I still haven’t gotten anything more than the auto-response.

Five days without a response seems unreasonable to me, but maybe I’ve got unreasonable expectations. Is this normal? Is there some trick to getting TE to respond to a support ticket?

indeed. stay focused, attach a video and be kindly.

they’ll show up :cowboy_hat_face:

I wouldn’t bet on it. My partner has been waiting a couple of years on a response about a PO she bought.


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Well I finally got a response … asking for me to send a video, which I included in my support request and forum post. :roll_eyes:

Must be a bot. Hopefully a human looks at it soon. :crossed_fingers:

i heard if u say JASPER in a mirror 5 times that helps :slight_smile:


Good idea :shushing_face:

In my experience they answer, but very slow 5-7 days.