Anyone tried linking OP-Z and Roland A-01 via Bluetooth?

I think Santa may be bringing me a Roland A-01 synth, it has BLE so in theory should be able to work with the OP-Z, curious to know if anyone has tried this yet?

You’ll probably be the first. I woulden’t get my hopes up. But try it, brave explorer!

I guess the hardest part will be initiating the connection, I’m not too familiar with midi over BLE other than using the OP-Z with iPad, I’ll post back if I make any progress, got a few weeks to wait yet though :slight_smile:

You might be able to use the ipad as a sort of bridge between the devices. An app like might be useful.

@kingof9x Thanks good idea!

I got this to work with the Midimittr app. Going OP-Z BLE to the A-01 which is connected via midi to my Roland Gaia. Definitely enjoying new sounds to play with.

Cool, I have that app already, thanks for reply ?