Arcade - snare cuts off bass?

Just received my PO-20 and one weird thing I’ve noticed is the bass note and snare can not play at the same time. Is this normal? They seem to be the only 2 sounds that cut each other off (similar to open/closed hats on other drum machines)

To clarify, I’m talking about bass sound #1 (not the bass drum #2). And the snare is sound #3

It tried on mine and it seems sound #1 is cut when sound #3 starts, but not the opposite. Weird.

On mine, sound 1 is cut when sound 3 (snare) starts.

But your saying 1 is cut by 2 on yours?

Sorry, I mean #3, not #2. I have edited my previous comment.

I don’t see any reason for that, maybe it is a bug.

is it possible that it has a limit on the number of channels it has in the sequencer? the first generation has only one channel and the new ones supposedly don’t have a limit, but I notice that anytime I put too many sounds together they tend to cut each other off (and the net sound if it has a length that’s too long) that’s why I’m thinking it has something to do with sequencer overload.

Or something to do with too many signals going to the output, and canceling each other out.

It most likely has some logic to limit the maximum number of simultaneous voices, given that its CPU is a rather weak ARM chip, no floating point unit, and the poor thing is generating 48000 samples/s (mono, 16-bit).