Armed Recording Doesn't Work Suddenly

Arming the track to start recording when you hit a note/key no longer works. I am able to shift+rec to activate the armed recording, but when you start playing notes/keys the recording doesn’t trigger. Anyone ever have this problem?


Same here

Yep happened to me too. I think I got it working again but need to go back and double check. Really unhelpfully I can’t remember what I did to sort it.

factory reset maybe?
thats so weird…unless it broke with a new firmware?

I did the factory reset and still no luck

Ditto here on armed not working thought I was loosing it

i’m on 235 and it still works for me
i just hold rec and then hit some notes and it starts recording right away
this is how i’ve always done it atleast.

i noticed @HumorRelevant u mention using shift+rec
this is not the same thing

shift+rec arms record but u control the tape speed manually
peep the guide

"a quite special recording technique is to put the tape in rec arm mode and control the speed manually. to do this press shift + rec. you are now recording but the reels are still. "


Savior! I remember now why someone made a 3D printable key holder for times you need both hands free

i mean once the recording is initiated u dont need to keep holding it down

I see… thanks!

Yeah totally! I just mean for handheld type situations it’s not so easy