Arpeggiator Track w/ long step length question

I’m trying to program in a long chord progression on the arpeggiator track where the step length is set to 16x (option 9), but struggling because it seems like in order for the notes to play out on a step, I need to tie it to the following step. This causes problems because then the notes from the previous step are also mixed in with the notes on the next one.

If I just program in the notes on the first step, they don’t arpeggiate… just one note plays out. I tried doing it with live recording mode, but I’m running into the same problem.

Does anyone have a cool trick to make this work?

I feel you. Editing multiple notes in a single step seems impossible. Gotta play it live in I think. Hopefully there will be a way to “zoom in” to single steps. Ie. Hold some key combo, and hold a step to expand that step out across the 16 steps for fine editing. Could even allow multiple levels of zoom.

It’s only one chord per step still, it’s just that unless you extend the length that they are held to beyond that first step, it doesn’t arpeggiate