Arpeggio behaviour (trills)

When using “each” in the arp I’m intermittently getting this high ptiched trills. Can someone explain what is going on?

Weird! I have no idea!

Did a factory reset and the high pitch noise seems to have dissapeared - will se if it returns. But still seems to be a weird silence on the first note when triggering the arp. Is this standard / expected behaviour?

Side note: is the visualization just of the actual note value (irrespective of octave)?

My field doesn’t have that delay, but it’s putting visualizations of a note there when you hit it, it’s prob due to the patch you have. Try different patches.

Also, the visualization is just of the note on a scale, no mention of octave. Try holding down a single key and you will hear diff octaves with the same note displayed.

It’s a sample patch - and even with completely standard ADSR and effects / lof turned off - the issue is there.When turning the ARP off I can play as many notes as I like without any issues. Also issue remains with other patches.

Another patch with no crazy settings and weird behavioru -

Is this a feature or bog of the EACH setting in the arp

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Is there anyone who can test with there arp at same settings if they get the “extra” (silent) note which is a different pitch than the rest?

Confirmed issue now from TE support :peace_symbol:


Excellent find, thanks for submitting the bug to them!