Audio Interface Recommendations


I have a motu ultralite mk3, but I hate the software used to route internally on it. Very frustrating.

Since getting a soundcraft mixer I no longer need all the inputs on the motu so I may sell and downgrade.

So I’m looking for a simple, non Mac specific, easy to use interface (small footprint) with good quality sound processing/stereo inputs.

Any of you guys recommend one?


The updated Apogee one looks pretty nice.

It looks great, although even though I’m currently on a Mac, i don’t want to be tied by hardware to the format in the future.

Also would prefer a 1/4" inputs. Guess I should’ve pointed that out. :slight_smile:

RME Fireface UCX and never look back

I really like the kind of mixers that enable to record all tracks separately.

I have a cheap Multimix 12 FW, it’s good enough for me… And thus I have no need of a soundcard as it acts as one.

I guess the technology now is impressively better but this little mixer has worked without any pb for +10 years, I’ll look for a new one when it’s dead or most probably when FireWire is no more :smiley:

Anyway, I would recommend to investigate deeper, it’s really confortable to be able to record any or all your gear at once…

@eesn I have read bad reviews about the RME Fireface UCX on AudioFanzine… Like the sound is pretty good, but the build quality not that much.

I use a Presonus iTwo and find it great. I interface it to a Mac running Logic Pro X.


babyface is a nice apogee alternative. it does have some confusing routing software but i’m fairly sure u dont need it to use it.

sound quality is top notch

I have the RME Babyface and it’s great, also have a Behringer ADA8200 ADAT expander and it works really well if you need more inputs!

@eesn I have read bad reviews about the RME Fireface UCX on AudioFanzine... Like the sound is pretty good, but the build quality not that much.

I own one. The UCX is built like a tank. Same for the drivers&software. My only gripe with it is that it heats up when in constricted space and the weather is warm; even then it works flawlessly. Zero issues since I bought it. No idea why anyone would complain about build quality on this thing.

I have the blackjack as well. very well built, sounds good. Has a pretty nice headphone amp in it actually, and the mic pres are good (haven’t used them much, so I don’t have much to judge them on)

don’t use it too much anymore (prefer recording to my zoom h4n, which can also function as an interface anyway), but it was good when I used it.

The Focusrite Scarlett series is really good. I have one of the little ones and it’s awesome.

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The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 or blackjack might be the thing. Would the 2 mic inputs work as a stereo input over 2 channels?

Basically I’m looking at a efx8 > audio Interface > ableton recording set up

Haven’t seen many small interfaces yet with a dedicated stereo input.

Saffire pro 24 FireWire has been my workhorse interface for the past 4 years… Low latency, good drivers, 4 in 6 out, can add another 8 I/o via adat. No complaints other than the software being a not confusing.

Not a bad thing to be said against the iConnect Audio4+ from me.

I’m looking for a audiointerface too. I start with thinking about getting the new scarlett … head over to motu & rme … but does i really need this kind of expensive superhighquality as an non-pro? no. so i’m back where i startet with resarching … the scarlett 18i8 2nd gen. people say sounds the same like the saffire … my only concern: does the low latency driver is reliable? or does focusrite just wanne be the kings of low latency on USB?!?

If you use a computer and an iPad/iPhone for production, forget everything else and get an iConnect Audio4+.

Once you get your head around it, the iPad configuration app for iConnect Audio4+ is great. No complaints about the sound quality either. Plug a USB hub to the host ports, and you get loads of USB MIDI too. I’ve been very satisfied with it.

Once I hit a weird bug, where latency was getting bigger bit by bit, but that’s just been once.