Back in the OP-1 game

I just purchased an OP-1 having sold my previous one a year ago.

It’s a crazy thing…I tried to like the OP-1 when I had it but just couldn’t get into it. However, I’ve also been looking for that “ultimate” portable keyboard hoping that someone would see the value in a synth/sequencer in a portable package but never found one that matched what the OP-1 could do.

The closest I found was having a Nintendo 3DS because of its portability, not to mention the excellent Korg music applications like the DSN-12. However, the lack of MIDI or controlling from an external keyboard was a bit problematic. I really enjoy the iPad Mini, especially the screen driven synths. For my style of music, having a MIDI controller and camera connection kit dongle to carry around means it’s not quite as portable as I like.

So, I’m back to using an OP-1. I look forward to getting back in the game, taking part in some of the challenges and sharing some of the music I (hopefully) come up with.


Cool :slight_smile:

Welcome back man !

Welcome back!

Korg M01D is the only 3DS app that I’ve used that can export MIDI - it’s not realtime but at least you can further expand on whatever you wrote on the 3DS. I later got DSN-12 when it was on sale for $19 but I haven’t really gotten into it due to other mobile music making options.