Back not comin off OP-Z?

One of the screws in the back of my op-z appears to be stuck. I got frustrated with it last night and did a little damage to it :frowning: Any recommendations for getting it out? Since the new module will be housed back there it will be an issue if it doesn’t come off.

Same here, two of the rubber feet won’t turn at all… I decided to leave the cover on… maybe TE will sell the module(s) with a tool to remove the back more easily or with a spare back cover or at least spare rubber feet, they are quite fragile…

A Lego Technics axle will do the trick.

it can actually damage the rubber “cross”, the feet are super flimsy…

I read a tip somewhere on this forum, to take some clear tape and press it on the yellow leg. After this you can turn it with your finger without too much effort and once it’s open, adjust the little black screws on the other side.

I had the same issue and this totally helped!

I have the opposite issue. Two of my feet are too loose! I tried tightening the screws but either my tools are too cheap (possible) or the screws are as tight as they are going to get.