Back plate off

How do I get the back plate off to get to the phone holder? I’m trying to be extra careful with this thing because it seems kind fragile…

Slightly twist the yellow foot caps with your finger. If worse comes to worse use some sticky tape to get more traction with your finger , they have an unlocking mechanism, so it’s actually not threaded like a screw.


avoid using any hard/sharp edges as those rubber feet are pretty soft and are easily mangled.

Once you get the phone holders, they are a perfect fit to unscrew and screw the feet.

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thank you. still haven’t worked up enough courage to try it. this thing seems so fragile, like it will break easily. the back of mine is already raised up a little bit on one of the edges. kind of frustrating. I still love it so far though. I just don’t see how these can last very long.

The dials and feet are shaped for LEGO Technic axles.

The reason the back isn’t flush at one side is probably due to a slight bend in the body of your OP-Z.


Is this normal?

The yellow footings should rotate no problem with your finger and a little pressure. Rotate slightly and the back cover will fall out. Mine rotate pretty effortlessly.

Could anyone make 3d prontable yellow feets frommplastic that is harder?