Backorders on OP-1

Hey everybody,

I have been patiently waiting on the Op-1 to be restocked and shipped out for some time now. I bought mine from 2 distributors (I know a bit ludicrous to buy two of the same synth) in an attempt to capitalize on getting one in my hands ASAP. There must be a hold up in production because these things keep getting pushed back! I was expecting mine to be shipped out next Monday, but now the distributor is reporting ~Feb. 7th…

I’m wondering if this is common for TE. Considering the lag in news on the OPZ and all I feel like TE is really dropping the ball here. Have any of you picked up an OP-1 recently? Could you point me in the direction of a distributor that has them stocked? Im seeing MOMA has them in but they have some outlandish tax on their products and at that price I might as well buy from a scalper on Ebay for the $1100-1400 they’re asking.

Im losing hope friends. I feel like Ill never get my hands on an OP-1 again :frowning: <\3

The Op-1 had been out of stock in the UK for almost a year. But In the past month the UK got quite a sizeable delivery of Op-1s. But most of the UK retailers that had them have now sold out. The only UK retailers at present that I know to have stock are Dawsons, Rub a dub, and Djstore.

I’ll hook u up, read my post:)

I’m based in the United States :confused: Does TE prioritize UK/EU dealers before the US?

IIRC there was always some bottleneck on new OP-1s after christmas. At least I think I recall people making statements to that effect in this forum. Patience young Padawan.

NY MoMA has the OP-1 in-stock in their online store:

TE emailed yesterday saying “OP-1 is now back in stock in limited quantities.”

That MoMA store says backordered until Mar 7 now.

Available 2-12-2018

Available 2-12-2018
Indeed they sent me a notification about it, as I was registered to receive one.
The thing I noticed is the PRICE... 778 Euros, ain't that a huge price drop?? I discovered the OP-1 only recently and it seems the price everywhere was 999 Euro more or less. I have ordered mine in Canada, and I was so surprised the price was only about 1050$ Canadian and thought it was a fantastic deal. Now as I understand it, it's just that my Canadian store had the new price already.
Anyway: I CAN'T WAIT to get my hands on it! They confirmed me 'first week of February' after double checking with TE.

DLX Music Stockholm just announced in Facebook that they have this beautiful beast back in stock!

I orderd one for myself abt 3 weeks ago to Finland and this waiting is really starting to bother me, I hope mine will arrive soon.

I ordered one about a week ago from Sweetwater. They told me they expect delivery in first week in February. I have email alerts from several suppliers in US when they get them in stock. I was told to place an order because if you wait until announcement they may be sold out to preorders. I have no idea where I am on the “preorder queue”. I guess the low supply of these drives up their price, but if I was Teenage Engineering management I would be increasing their production, to increase sales. Maybe they are in some kind of growing pains.

Perfect Circuit Audio has them in stock, and also selling them for less than what everyone else seems to be selling them for ($849 instead of $899). Plus if you sign up for their newsletter they’ll send you a 10% off coupon you can use.

Placed an order on Musicians Friend on January 26, 2018. The site said it would ship on 2-02-2018 but later in the day I got a confirmation email that it was shipped. Might want to try your luck on there. Also, from what I read on Reddit, people are saying that if you CALL Musicians Friend, they will give you a coupon code for 12%. I got that news a bit late but going to give it a shot after the fact.

That’s $107 off!!!

Mine arrived and will pick it up after work today. Sure hope was worth the wait.

Guitar Center says ready to ship on 2-12-2018 on their web site

Well if that get give you some hope, my OP-1 shipping exactly on date as my music store in Montreal Canada told me and was delivered yesterday!!!! The only little problem is that I'm NOT home in Canada but in Spain, so I'll have to WAIT yet some more before I can open my birthday gift (from me to myself, with love). Gosh I'm so bad at waiting!
So anyway, supply seems to be picking up everywhere so I think everybody should be able to unleash their musical creativity very soon :-)

I canceled my sweetwater order and bought one from DJ Tech Tools in SF bay area who had one in stock. Went and picked it up yesterday. It was their last on in stock. Loving it! They sell for $899 including the soft case. Had to pay tax but still cheaper than Sweetwater total price.

BHPhotoVideo is showing the OP-1 as in stock.

Perfect Circuit Audio has them in stock, and also selling them for less than what everyone else seems to be selling them for ($849 instead of $899). Plus if you sign up for their newsletter they'll send you a 10% off coupon you can use.

I went in on Jan 30th and they sold the last one! I wonder how long it’s going to take for them to receive more. The wait is killin’ me! I wonder what Teenage Engineering’s turnaround time is for OP-1s.