Banner Graphics.

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awesome, I mentioned this in the other thread. I’ll try and whip up something.

I liked that 8bit OP-1.

How’d it look? (Imaging pixelation)

one of the guys made a nintendoish op-1

yeah it was bloody brilliant

I was working with this rough idea. I wanted that handmade quality and tried to base the concept off the

OP-1 community and all it’s glory full quirkiness.

so… how do you upload photos?


<iframe src=“” width=“75” height=“75” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen="" webkitallowfullscreen="" mozallo

Nice one!

Well done!

I like it!

thanks guys, i’m open to any suggestions or a critique good or bad.

here’s an update. I’m having fun with it ha.

I like what you’re doing @Kites. I’m not a huge fan of the tilted ‘n’ and also like the text without the drop shadow. I like the other developments between the older and newer revisions.

Thanks lymtronics, I think you’re right about the drop shadow. I’ll take it out or make it more subtle. It needs further revisions, but does anyone think it’s looking too busy?

And is embedding photos not optimized yet?

we need it without text… because that is dynamic

Sure thing @dimi3, shall I leave in “operator one”? What about the “the unofficial ohpeewon”?

leave all text except the menu texts

Hey i gave it a shot. please leave any feedback!

(also not sure what the dimensions should be…)


“discussions activity mark all viewed” etc is dynamic, so should not be included. as of dimensions… i don’t know but i might be able to find out.

Sorry a nice narrow banner is best can have the name Operator-1 leave a nice space for the search spot, and leave off all text off but a place for in to be overlaid.

hope this works better. let me know if anything else can be improved!