Bass note keeps disappearing, but only from one particular sample

I have a weird issue with a particular bass track sample where if a pattern with this sample plays after any pattern that has a different sound on the bass track, whether it be a different sample or else synth, the problem sample won’t sound on if it’s on the first two steps of the pattern.

if the sample is at the beginning of a chain, when the chain repeats, it plays the note properly.

any idea what i’m doing wrong, or what I can do to fix it?

Maybe it is off grid, try to quantize the note?

just tried, but no - and also i noticed it skips any note from that sample sound that’s on the first two steps

and also noticed that if the pattern that plays before is the same bass sample, then it doesn’t skip the step but it will skip it if it’s any other bass sound (sample or synth).

it’s like it needs a couple of seconds to find the sample or something

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Param lock or step components? compressor or filter settings? This is strange, ngl lol.

none of those - i tried it on different patterns, and made new patterns - same thing - and it’s always just this one sample sound - super annoying!

for now i’m giving up and trying to recreate a similar sound with one of the synth engines…