anyone tempted by the basslet - seems like it could be amazing jamming away with the OP-1?

So, how come some tiny haptic effect delivered to your wrist can recreate a sensation equivalent to a big bass system at a night club?

apparently, yes - there are some pretty credible people endorsing this

@punji have you seen those headphones that clip on to the cartilage of your ear. and it sorta transmits the sounds all over your body? somewhat similar. and those seem to work fairly well.

Never heard of that, but looking it up, it seems Google Glass used it.

It just seems hard to believe, given the energy level of such device. It would seem more plausible that the tiny impulse tricks the mind indo thinking of a much bigger sensation that you experienced before…

those headphones are bone conduction, so feed into the inner ear directly but also vibrate you skull to get the all encompassing feeling - the basslet uses a haptic ‘trick’ on the wrist. The founders of the company are ex Ableton & Native Instruments so have some cred (in my mind)

have put in my order, so (hopefully) will let you know in December how it goes…

I have the new Steam controller. Its filled with tons of actuators vibrators etc. all for emulating haptic. I have to say it feels amazing when gaming. But there ability to make me think IM feeling bass would be subpar. I suppose we shall see. ill be skipping this one! lots of great tech these dayS!!!

i backed this project as soon as it was announced.

the people who are wowed by the tech in their promo video are people in the music industry so holds kudos.
they also recently demoed it at a public event recently and have some great clips of peoples reaction.

it seems that your brain thinks that the vibration is all through your body so you feel bass like you do in a studio or club.

cannot WAIT until mines is posted to me!

been backing a few things recently on kickstarter and indiegogo :slight_smile:

I had some full ear cover gaming cans that did this, was pretty a decent illusion