I’m an OP-1 newb, and am starting to get to grips with it. However I struggle getting a good bassline out of the system. I use Grado SR80e headphones and they are excellent for bass through my phone and computer, but when creating bassy instruments I hear nothing on the headphones. Now, I don’t know if this is the headphones or the unit. Anyone else having issues, or is it just me? Has anyone got a good bass synth patch I could test with? Cheers!!

Just an obvious thought… you haven’t got the bass turned right down in the mixer EQ page by any chance?

Yeah, or perhaps a master effect that eliminates the bass frequencies?

Thanks for the fast response. They are all on the default setting. I’m not sure about any master effects, how do I get to that?

I take it from the response, that this is an unusual problem?


Try unison on the pulse synth. Suddenly moon weed is a bass!

I have no problems getting gloriously low end rich bass out of the op1. Most likely user error.

I also think this may be user error, since you say you’re “hear nothing” in the bass. The OP-1 has some serious bass.

Master Effects are accessed via Mixer > 3 (the 3 under the screen).

Those are even 32ohm cans, too. Are you able to use any other headphones with your OP-1?

I forget the name but FM has a very thick bass preset.

Thanks for all the replies. I believe @KrisM is correct. I’ve tried this connected up to my speaker system and my God it’s a difference. What’s strange is the headphones work absolutely fine basewise on my phone, so I thought surely I’d need no amplification. Will getting a headphone amp sure this issue?

^try uping the drive in the mixer section when using headphones. Just make sure you turn down the drive when switching to another speaker or even the internal one.

Curious… If you record something from line-in, straight to tape (and again, straight to Album), any response there? How about line monitoring without recording?

Wondering if this is a case of key octave being in the cellar for your selected synth, or what…

It seems fine on my speaker system, like KrisM said, the impedance on the the headphones are on the boarder line. Anyone got any suggestions on a good headphone AMP?


I used to use a Fiio E5 but lost it, E6 is the plastic-housed replacement. About $25 on Amazon, OP-1 friendly battery life, too.

I ordered a Fiio E5 from Amazon yesterday, just arrived. Thanks for that.