Bastl Dreams...

Having spent far too long noodling around with a couple of Microgranny units & a BitRanger last night, I had a bizarre but wonderful dream that those crazy kids at Bastl were about to launch 2 new products;

Videogranny - basically same as the Microgranny but granular synthesis of video files, the bitcrusher acted as a sort of pixel-masher to downgrade the image etc, real old school VHS glitchiness.

BeatRanger - same premise as BitRanger, the dividers could be patched to drum sounds and then affected by other parameters. Can’t quite recall the detail from the dream, but it sounded ace & you got some wild but tribal patterns out of it.

I woke this morning to some considerable disappointment that neither exist! Bastl Instruments, if you’re listening/reading…in my head, these were great!!!

videogranny omg

Pro tip: do not search google images for “videogranny”.

After posting I did a quick search on YT for video granular synthesis & apparently such a thing has been done. Ended up watching this clip and then rushing to the toilet;

That’s pretty cool, but your idea of granulizing other properties of the video besides time was really nice. =)

Rushing to the toilet… yes this is stimulating and calming at the same time ; ) Ohh Granny !